Slow Start, but a Bright Season

On May 7th I was at the Vernon Mystics in the Market Place spring festival.  While the attendance was low, this festival is a delightful event run by a vendor who creates fairy art and has a pagan focus. The event is not a juried or hand crafted work only show; there are a lot of home businesses and hand made work avaliable as well. The variety of products was good in the sense that there was many individual businesses with only a couple similar products. There was something for everyone. 

A Touch of Magick

This year the spring market was held in a new venue, which may have contributed to the lack of attendees. However, last year there were many more artist vendors offering whimsical and mystical products including tarot card readers and Tibetan singing bowls for spiritual healing. This year the market was mostly made up of home businesses such as Mary Kay, Unique, and Tupperware sales. There were a handful of home made body and soap products, jewelry and even essential oils. 

I believe with more hand made vendors and a stronger marketing force the Mystics in the Market Place could flurish. All its missing now is a strong following. However, until then its is a great place to network with other vendors and start the season off slow and steady, using this event to get into the mind set needed for the summer. 

Dress: 4 Lotus Boutique / Sweater Coats: KLA Originals

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